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What Issues Should I Consider If I Lose my Job?

Clients sometimes find themselves in the position of losing their job. In today’s economic uncertainty, business closures and layoffs are increasingly common. The loss of a job can cause serious stress for our clients, personally and financially. To help you guide our clients through a disruption in employment, we’ve created the checklist “What Issues Should I Consider If I Lose my Job?”

In this checklist, we cover a number of issues to consider when clients are facing unemployment, including:

  • Severance options, if any are offered

  • Employer benefits, including the continuation of health insurance, sick pay, etc.

  • Eligibility for unemployment benefits

  • Budget adjustments

  • Health insurance options

  • Employer-sponsored retirement accounts, stock plans, and other benefits

  • Income tax considerations

  • Retirement or future employment options

This is a comprehensive checklist of the financial issues that clients need to consider surrounding a job loss.

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