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We believe transparency & trust are at the center of any healthy relationship.

That's why we've laid out exactly how our subscription works here.

Onboarding Fee: $999-$3,000

Most onboarding fees are $999-$1,500. The amount depends on complexity. This fee is charged upon engagement.

Annual Retainer: Begins at $300/Month

Most clients' annual subscription is determined by the sum of 0.5-1.0% of gross household income plus 0.0-0.5% of net worth. The exact percentages of these figures are determined by the complexity of the situation.

In certain situations when assets and income are not an adequate gauge of the work needed, we will collaborate to agree upon an appropriate subscription. We always notify you in advance of any cost changes.


Reasoning Behind Our Fees

Our goal is simply to have a fee that is fair for both of us. We believe paying a small portion of your income and assets each year to have advice designed to help you manage the rest significantly better is worth it. This can assist High Earner, Not Rich Yet (HENRY) along with our legacy clients who have high net worth but lower incomes.

What will your fee be?

Our dedication to transparency goes beyond explaining how our fees work.

Completing the form below will give you an estimate for your unique situation.

"Be Transparent enough to gain Trust and Trust enough to be Transparent"

What do I get?

  • Holistic and Comprehensive Financial Planning 

  • Tax Planning along with Tax Preparation

  • Continual Investing & Cashflow Education

  • Estate Planning along with Administration


    Personalized Balance Sheet


    Risk Management and Insurance

  • 24/7/365 Client Portal

Ready to get started?

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