Should I pay off My Mortgage?

Many say purchasing your home is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life, but very few talk about how big of a decision it is to pay off your home.

There’s a lot of disagreement on this topic, and clients often find themselves lost and uncertain as to what they should do. Guiding the conversation, our clients will gain a more nuanced understanding of why and why not to consider paying off their mortgage.

This flowchart covers important decision-making factors a client must consider when paying off their mortgage, such as:

  • Thoroughly weighing the pros and cons involved in this big decision, and how they specifically relate to their financial situation.

  • Recognizing what degree of flexibility they may or may not have after paying off the mortgage.

  • Considering any tax implications that may result from paying off the mortgage.

  • Identifying sound reasons for paying off the mortgage, and determining the best course of action if applicable.

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