Should I Establish A SEP IRA Or A SIMPLE IRA Plan For My Small Business?

Our business owner clients may be searching for retirement plan options that benefit their employees and themselves, without incurring burdensome costs or administrative complexity. SEP and SIMPLE IRAs can be great alternatives to 401(k)s, each offering attributes that could be attractive, depending upon your client’s specific circumstances. Comparing these two options can be difficult, as there are multiple factors to weigh.

To help you lead our clients through a SEP vs. SIMPLE IRA analysis, we have created this flowchart. Through a series of decision points, we can collect the information necessary to guide our clients to the best decision. It covers pertinent factors, including:

  • Business owner goals and preferences

  • Size of business/employee headcount

  • Employer and employee ability to contribute

  • Contribution minimums and limits

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